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ZFS with it’s default options is not great for SWAP usage. If you run “Root on ZFS” you want to create a ZVOL with the right options. This means limiting arc to metadata, disabling l2arc, forcing sync writes, setting logbias to throughput and disabling autosnapshots. Adjust 8G to the swap size you want. Adjust rpoolRead more

Proxmox Grafana Dashboard

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InfluxDB First we have to create a time series database to store the metrics. Proxmox only supports Graphite and InfluxDB. I will run InfluxDB via Docker tagged to v1.8 for now. To create a default config run influxd. Proxmox only supports UDP to send metrics which is not enabled by default. We create a UDPRead more

Proxmox Full Disk Encryption with SSH Remote Unlock

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Although ZFS also offers encryption there is no support for full disk encryption yet so we will use LUKS instead. Requirements: ZFS mirror (raid1) install In order to encrypt a running system rpool must be a ZFS mirror. To verify you are running a ZFS mirror execute the following command. Note: If you don’t wantRead more

Proxmox Upload ISO Using SFTP

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Instead of using the GUI you can simply use a SFTP client like Filezilla. This way you can download and upload any files. To do so open Filezilla and enter “sftp://server-ip” into the “Host” field. Then enter “Username” and “Password” and leave “Port” empty. If you use private key authentication add your key to FilezillaRead more

Proxmox LXC Intel Quick Sync Transcode for Plex

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Plex, Emby and Jellyfin can transcode media files on the fly so you can watch them in a browser and set the quality. However by default they use the CPU which adds a lot of overhead. All Intel CPU’s since Sandy Bridge released in 2011 have hardware acceleration for H.264 built in. So if yourRead more

Network Overview

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Overview of some services on my network. The setup is fully redundant as high availability cluster. Driven by open source and powered with renewable energy. Using Terraform, Cloud-init and Ansible for IaC. And K8s, Gitlab, Flux2 and Renovate for GitOps. Network Diagram DMZ Service Description Postfix, Dovecot, SpamAssassin Email Server with DKIM, DMARC, SPF, DANE,Read more